I regularly teach group classes throughout the week at various studios around Surrey and London. See below for more information and to find out how to book..


Heartcore describe their Dynamic Pilates classes as 'the most effective body and mind workout. Pilates has been loved by many for years for its low-impact, spine-aligning, muscle-sculpting effects but reformer pilates takes it one step further using continual resistance of spring tension. TheCoreFormer™ is based on the concept of the original Reformer machine designed by Jess Schuring, founder of Heartcore. This means a carefully constructed workout that combines high intensity reps with challenging postures which together sculpt and define your body in a unique and effective way. For PT enquiries please email or to book into one of my classes, please click the link below.


F45 classes are high intensity interval training workouts that use functional cardio and strength movements, and will quickly improve your fitness, whatever level you are.  

Personal attention from trainers during the classes helps you get the benefits from Personal Training, but in a group environment.

Exercises can be adjusted for all fitness levels, so anyone can take part.

Sign up for for a free 2 week trial for £20 here.


Members only Luxury Fitness Club with various locations around Central London.