Hey, I'm Laura

Before becoming a Personal Trainer I was a Professional Dancer. My background and training in this has heavily influenced the person and trainer that I am today.  As a trained dancer I understand the benefits of looking after both your body and mind, the importance of correct technique and the discipline and motivation needed to become the best version of you. 


After qualifying, I initially started my fitness journey teaching group classes at various boutique gyms in London and Surrey. I love the atmosphere and there is honestly no better feeling coming away from these classes knowing that I have I made a positive impact on so many people's day and for me it still doesn’t even feel like a job. Working at F45, Thirdspace and Heartcore I get to train in many different methods and I am constantly meeting people who inspire me.     


I believe that everyone is different and understand that everyone has different goals and journeys, so I will work with you personally to achieve those goals in a realistic and healthy way. Whether that’s running your first 5K, improving your deadlift or simply just to feel fitter in your everyday life. 

My workouts and style of training are tough but hugely encouraging. Together we will work on reaching your best self, both physically and mentally. I have previously worked with a wide variety of clients, a mixture of abilities and ages and also have had the privilege of training a number of professional athletes and celebrities. So if you have a fitness goal big or small or simply just want to work on creating a healthier lifestyle I can definitely help. 



What does healthy mean to you? 

You may have heard the phrase of ‘80% Diet and 20% Exercise’ to see results, however, I don’t believe it’s that simple. 


Breaking it down I believe that you should have an equal balance in all aspects of your life. I like to break it down into these 5 key principles:-








I don’t believe that any one of these principles are more important than the other and you need to find the right balance between all of them to be truly healthy in both body and mind and ultimately see and experience long lasting results. 


For example, you could have the most incredible training plan set out for you but not have your nutrition under control to properly fuel you for your workouts and to help your body recover and replenish your muscles. You could be setting an alarm to workout at 5am every morning to smash out an hours session but spend the rest of your day feeling lethargic and unmotivated when an hours sleep may be more beneficial. Are you obsessed with calorie counting or is your mental health suffering in other ways? You could also have all of the above nailed, but if you are turning down social events with friends to hit the gym, is this really a healthy attitude?

Its all about finding what works for you and what fits in with your current schedule to ultimately create the long lasting results and lifestyle you are looking to achieve.


This is partly the reason that I don’t believe in short term fitness and diet plans and quick miracle fixes. In my opinion, this is unsustainable and many people will quickly become demotivated, unhappy and fall back into the same bad habits. You can't turn your lifestyle around in a day. However, small daily habits will add up to large changes in the future. Start off with small attainable goals, whether that be adding more vegetables into your diet, hitting your step count every day or working out 3 times per week. For me the ‘all or nothing’ approach will never work. Have you ever said to yourself that you are cutting out chocolate, and then that is all you can think about. I don’t believe in restriction I believe in balance. I also believe in chocolate. 


I spoke about the key principles of training earlier but to get started on any of these you need the motivation to change. Find something you enjoy and what works for you and you are already over halfway there. If you don’t enjoy running, it’s pointless incorporating running into your training. If you have children or a hectic work schedule it's unlikely you are going to have hours to dedicate to long training regimes. One size doesn’t fit all and everyone has different commitments and goals. Lets work together, find that healthy balance and get you to your strongest, healthiest and HAPPIEST self.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.